Am I a Candidate for Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation?

There exist three main conditions which may lead a patient to seek vaginal corrective surgery.

Vaginal Loosness

The female sex organ is a versatile organ. However, when stretched beyond its elastic capacity, it loses its original shape. This leads to sexual dysfunction where both partners experience diminished pleasure due to reduced friction. Vaginal Looseness may be caused by

  • Natural vaginal deliveries
  • Instrumentally assisted vaginal deliveries (forceps, vacuum)
  • Lack of sufficient episiotomy (cutting of the vagina during birth) or no episiotomy causing tears of the vagina
  • Badly repaired episiotomy cuts stitched by inexperienced health care givers
  • Exessive weight gain or loss
  • Postural incorrectness
  • Unsuitable male sexual partner
  • Hereditory/genetic lack of tissue elasticity

Vaginal Tightness or Obstruction

Sometimes corrective surgery is necessary in younger women whose vaginal opening is obstructed resulting in penetration difficulties and pain during intercourse. Reasons for this can be:

  • Women born with high perineum ( the distance between rectum and posterior entrance of the vagina)
  • Large labia obstructing the entrance of the vagina during intercourse

Comfort and Asthetics

There are inborn anatomical differences in the shape and size of the external genitalia which affect the modern woman’s way of life. E.g. enlarged protruding labia (lips), or clitoral hood can be a nuisance for women who want to wear tight fitting jeans or bikinis.


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