Doctor Perpinyal advises that every operation be tailor-made for each individual according to her anatomy and her needs (hence the term “designer vaginoplasty”). The success of any procedure relies completely on the hands of the surgeon. The most important thing is the surgeon’s knowledge of the anatomy, skill and his/her experience as a surgeon in the field of gynaecology.

Much has been said about cutting methods: cold knife (surgical knife), laser, radiowave cutting etc. Those are secondarily important issues as they constitute only a small part of the whole operation and they are only as good as the skillful hands of the surgeon who uses them to cut, mostly the first layer.

The major and most critical part of the surgery is hydrodisection where the anatomy is identified and put together to the original state (hence the term rejuvenation). All the above cutting methods have their pros and cons however, they are only as good as the surgeon’s experience, the type of tissue and the skill of the surgeon’s hands.

Another critical aspect of the procedure involves the appropriate design and planning of the desired outcomes and the operation itself. Consultation with the surgeon is an important part of this process. Ultimately, the outcome depends on the surgeon and his/her competence.

The patient should also consider under what circumstances the operation is to be performed. Dr Perpinyal performs these operations at one of the most sophisticated and advanced medical centres in South Africa, where the operating theatres are equipped with the latest modern facilities. Post operatively, patients are advised to stay the night in wards where they may be observed by well trained nurses and personnel.

Procedure Description
Designer Vaginoplasty

Mainly done for looseness of the vagina resulting from vaginal (normal or instrumentally assisted) deliveries. The sagging anterior vaginal wall (cystocelle) or posterior wall (rectocelle) is surgically rectified. In most cases the entrance to the vagina (introitus) is also tightened. All the above procedures can be done with a uterus being left in site.

In cases where a vaginal hysterectomy is medically indicated, the above mentioned operations can be incorporated with the vaginal hysterectomy.

In cases where the vaginal vault totally or partially prolapses after previous hysterectomy, the vaginal vault can be suspended or the different prolapsed parts of the vaginal vault repaired.

Stress incontinence related surgery

Various types of "sling" operations, where specially designed mesh is used to lift the lower part of the bladder, can be performed alone or combined with other vaginal corrective procedures.


Different types of surgical procedures performed, reduce the size, change the shape or enhance the Labia (lips).

Hymeno plasty

In certain situations where virginity culturally is very important, the hymen can be restored to the original anatomy.

High perineum or narrow introitus corrective surgeries

In younger patients, where penetration is difficult or painful due to inborn anatomical variations of external genital organs, certain surgical procedures are performed to alleviate the complaint.


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